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Court of Protection

The purpose of the Court of Protection is to protect vulnerable adults of all ages who are unable to make reasoned decisions for themselves. 

The Court can make decisions in regard to their medical treatment including life support, deprivation of liberty and as to  property and financial matters and can order the making of a Will (known as a statutory Will).

Whilst the Court itself prefers to make the decisions about life support or deprivation of liberty it ordinarily appoints a manager known as a deputy to make property and financial decisions.  The deputy could be a suitable relative or a professional such as the head of local authority social services or a solicitor.

Within our team we have extensive experience of making ordinary and Lasting Powers of Attorney and their registration and revocation, making applications to the Court for orders concerning statutory Wills, urgent medical treatment and other health and welfare issues and financial management for vulnerable adults. One of our team members has regularly over the last 30 years held appointments as deputy (formerly known as receiver) to manage the financial affairs of vulnerable adults.

Main Contacts

Peter McGeown
Head of Tax Planning, Wills & Probate
Peter McGeown

Partner and Head of Tax Planning, Wills & Probate Peter is a solicitor with over 30 years’ experience. He is Legal... read more »

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Stephanie Rose
Partner, Tax Planning, Wills & Probate
Stephanie Rose

Partner, Tax Planning, Wills & Probate Stephanie is a solicitor, specialising in Wills, probate and estate planning. She also has... read more »

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