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Clifton Ingram Solicitors provides high quality legal services to individuals as well as large and small businesses in Farnham and the surrounding area.

Our team of experienced and knowledgeable solicitors in Farnham are the best in the business, reflected by high rankings in the Legal 500. We will be sure to guide you through whatever legal issues you are facing swiftly and efficiently.

We also have two other local offices where we service clients across the South East.

If you’d like to speak with one of our solicitors in Farnham, please contact us using the details below.

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  • Monday - Friday9:00am - 5:30pm

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Please note that car parking is not available at Clifton Ingram’s office but there are a number of public car parks nearby and we are only a short walk from the railway station.

Our Farnham Office is accessible to disabled clients. Please do let us know when making your appointment if you would like us to ensure the ramp is in place.

Our legal services for individuals in Farnham

Employment law for employees

When you’re having difficulties in the workplace, it can feel incredibly daunting and can even cause mental health issues in some people. Our employment law solicitors in Farnham are here to reassure you that you aren’t alone.

Our experienced team will be in your corner to guide you through any legal difficulties you might be facing, as well as providing you with practical advice in terms of your employment rights and professional life.

Dispute resolution

When you are in the midst of any kind of legal dispute, it can feel very overwhelming and isolating. However, our dispute resolution solicitors in Farnham are extremely well-versed in solving disputes outside of the confines of the courtroom.

Our experience shows us that, with early intervention and an experienced lawyer, most legal issues can be fixed quickly and effectively through negotiation and other amicable means. Our track record speaks for itself – we deal with problems with a positive attitude and a variety of different methods to secure you the best possible outcome.

Family law

Having legal issues that revolve around family is nearly always incredibly stressful. Our family law solicitors in Farnham have years of experience dealing with these situations, handling matters with extreme sensitivity and compassion.

We have a wealth of expertise when it comes to complex family law issues, from divorces all the way through to domestic abuse cases. You will be given close support throughout the whole process, being kept up to speed on any updates that happen all the way until your case is completed.

Our team has been accredited by the Law Society for Family Law and Children’s Law, so you know you’re in safe hands.

Personal insolvency

When running into financial difficulties, it often feels overwhelming and many are embarrassed and don’t know where to ask for help. Thankfully, our experienced team have helped multiple clients with personal insolvency issues to navigate their way through this difficult time. We give immediate practical advice as well as offering a support system for our clients.

Our personal insolvency solicitors in Farnham have an extensive knowledge for dealing with HMRC and various creditors. We will inform you of the best options for your specific situation and help you deal with any documentation or paperwork required.

Residential property

When buying, selling or going through any kind of residential property transaction, it’s always recommended to have sound legal counsel during the process. There are many pitfalls and issues that can crop up during this time and our conveyancing solicitors in Farnham have seen and dealt with virtually everything that can go wrong during a property transaction.

Our team with be on hand to help you complete any paperwork that needs doing, as well as guiding you through the whole procedure from start to finish.

The vast extent of our conveyancing solicitors’ expertise has been officially recognised by the Law Society Conveyancing Quality accreditation.

Wills, tax, trusts and probate

A lot of people underestimate the importance of having a Will, as well as effective lifetime planning. The process of dealing with probate is also something that not many people prepare for in advance, but it can be very complicated, especially for someone lacking in legal knowledge.

Our Wills, tax, trusts and probate solicitors in Farnham are able to advise clients effectively, whilst keeping things as simple and stress-free as they can. Our team is always happy to help provide guidance for our clients and will be sure to help you when you need it most.

Wills, trusts and estate disputes

Unfortunately, contentious probate issues (disputes regarding Wills, trusts and estates) are commonplace and if not handled delicately and effectively, have the potential to spiral into something much more disruptive.

Our contentious probate solicitors in Farnham can help to prevent this. We are able to intervene and mediate between all parties to create productive results that fit the best interests of everyone involved.

Our legal services for businesses in Farnham


Our corporate law solicitors in Farnham are well versed in advising a wide range of clients, from start-ups to SMEs. We have previously provided are service in a wide variety of different corporate transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions and disposals, share investment schemes and corporate governance.


At Clifton Ingram, our commercial solicitors in Farnham understand how important commercial contracts are to your business. We provide high quality legal advice regarding terms and risks, having worked across a wide range of different industries, always helping clients to set themselves up for success.

Commercial property

When dealing with commercial property (no matter if you’re a tenant, landlord or an investor) it is vital that you have the right legal support to make sure that your investment is adequately protected.

Our commercial property solicitors in Farnham will be a proactive force, ensuring that your investment remains legally secure so you can focus on what really matters; your business.

Corporate recovery and insolvency

Dealing with insolvency issues is most likely a business owner’s worst nightmare. These issues can be incredibly difficult to navigate, especially if you don’t have the guidance of experienced corporate insolvency experts.

Our corporate insolvency solicitors in Farnham have a wealth of experience that put them in a great position to advise on these kinds of situations. We regularly work with various clients to help them deal with insolvency problems and find the best solution for their circumstances.

Commercial dispute resolution

Commercial disputes have a reputation for being disruptive and for good reason. If the situation escalates, it can result in serious to a business. For this reason, having access to an effective solicitor who can deal with issues such as these promptly and efficiently is essential.

Clifton Ingram’s commercial dispute solicitors in Farnham are always ready to come up with effective solutions to deal with any issues that your business might be facing. Our team have a wealth of experience in negotiation, mediation and litigation methods that we will employ when and wherever necessary to service our clients.

Employment law for employers

Employers have a variety of obligations towards their employees. When disagreements arise, there is often the risk of financial and reputational damage to you and your company.

Our employment law solicitors in Farnham will be able to advise on how to prevent this from happening, as well as mitigation tactics and more responsive measures that companies can employ to avoid these issues in the future. We can also provide employment law training for any of your employees who work with HR issues.

Intellectual property

Intellectual property is often extremely precious to many businesses and, as such, can be a highly contentious area in terms of the law. This subject can be complex and what counts as intellectual property is not always clear, so it’s essential that you have the best legal representation possible.

Our excellent team of intellectual property solicitors in Farnham regularly advise businesses on how to approach their IP in an effective way, as well as informing them on how to exploit their rights in a way that benefits them the most.

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