About Us

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) requires that all regulated law firms publish information on a select number of services specified by the SRA, including how the law firms charge and what these prices include.

Clifton Ingram has always been, and will always be, transparent regarding our charges and provide upfront fee estimates. Because no two cases are the same, it is very hard to provide a single figure that applies to all, so where a fixed total would be deceptive, we have complied with the SRA rules with an average or range of costs and an explanation of the basis for our charges.

If you would like a more accurate quotation please contact our Residential Property, Employment, Wills & Inheritance or Dispute Resolution teams who will give you a no obligation quotation based on your specific set of circumstances.

The SRA specified services applicable to Clifton Ingram are:

Residential Conveyancing

Uncontested Probate

Employment Tribunals (Unfair/Wrongful Dismissal)

Debt Recovery

In addition to our prices, we have also outlined typical timescales for the quoted services, where applicable disbursements and provided details of the experience and qualifications of staff who work in these areas.

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