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Any change of circumstances for you and your family can be tough to navigate. The issues that arise are often not only emotional but practical, with the potential to affect you and your loved ones for years to come. At Clifton Ingram, our family law solicitors in Berkshire and Surrey can support you with confidential expert help and advice.

Whether you are going through a separation, need to clarify your rights to protect your future or are facing any other family law matters, we have the expertise you require. Our family lawyers believe that a close working relationship with our clients is essential, so we will listen to your concerns and then give you exactly the right support.

No matter how difficult or daunting the situation you are facing, we have the expertise and sensitive but decisive approach to see you through.

“A modern and forward-thinking family practice with particular strength in financial work.”


Legal 500, 2023

Why trust Clifton Ingram with your family law needs?

  • One of the leading Family Departments in the Thames Valley and M3 Corridor
  • Ranked in respected client guide The Legal 500 for Family Law, recognising us as some of the best family law solicitors in the region
  • All our lawyers are members of leading family law network Resolution
  • The specialisation, size and support to provide an effective legal service
  • Extensive experience with both straightforward and more complex matters
  • Commitment to obtaining a speedy and practical resolution to your problems
  • Keeping things cost-effective so assets are not swallowed up by legal fees
  • Strong expertise in constructive and non-confrontational ways of resolving family disputes
  • Ready to take immediate, firm action to protect your interests when needed
  • A service tailored to your needs

“Solid and highly capable family team with a supportive, no fuss, can-do, approach”


Legal 500, 2022

Our family law services include:

Contact our family law solicitors in Farnham, Reading & Wokingham

Our proactive and down-to-earth team of highly experienced family law solicitors work from offices in Farnham, Reading and Wokingham. We help clients from all over Berkshire, as well as Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey, and further afield.

Speak to one of our team today by calling 0118 978 0099 or using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will respond quickly.

Explore our family law services


Divorce is typically one of the most stressful situations you can go through. There is a strict legal process to follow as well as the implications for your living arrangements, finances and any dependants to consider.

Getting expert family law advice helps to ensure your divorce goes ahead as smoothly as possible, while also making sure you fully understand the choices you need to make and how they will affect you and your loved ones.

Our local family law solicitors in Wokingham, Reading and Farnham can support you through applying for a divorce or responding to a divorce application, as well as helping with critical issues such as dividing your finances and making arrangements for children.

Learn more about our expertise with divorce.

Civil partnership dissolution

The process for ending a civil partnership is the same as for divorce, so it is important to get the same expert support. Our team will be happy to advise and guide you every step of the way for dissolution proceedings and associated issues, such as finances and children.


Legal separation may be a desirable option if you wish to end your relationship but have religious, cultural or other personal reasons for not getting divorced. A formal separation agreement can allow you and your spouse to start living separate lives with certainty over your finances and other practical matters.

Our family lawyers can assist with negotiating the terms of your settlement, drafting a settlement agreement and reviewing an agreement that has been prepared by your spouse.

Financial matters

When a couple separates, sorting out finances is often the most complicated issue to resolve. Deciding what happens to the family home, savings, pensions and other assets is often not straightforward.

Our family solicitors have extensive expertise in the division of finances during divorce and separation. We can help with assets of all levels, including those that are high value and complex. In the majority of cases, it is possible to agree a settlement amicably, but we are ready to take firmer action on your behalf if a settlement cannot be reached.

Learn more about our expertise with financial matters.

Child law

At Clifton Ingram, our family law specialists have experience with all issues around child arrangements and child contact during separation. We can thus provide high level support for even the most challenging child law situations.

Learn more about our expertise with child law.

Domestic abuse

Domestic abuse comes in many forms, none of which should be tolerated. Unfortunately, we know from experience that recognising abuse and taking action about it are not always easy for those on the receiving end. This is why seeking expert support is so important.

Our family law solicitors are here to help you understand whether your experience qualifies as abuse and support you in taking steps to protect yourself and your loved ones. We can take swift action when needed, including removing an abuser from your home and preventing them from contacting your family.

Learn more about our expertise with domestic abuse.

Pre-nuptial agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements (or ‘pre-nups’) are increasingly common for couples from all walks of life. They provide certainty over your future financial security and that of your dependants, but the proper process must be followed to give them legal weight.

Pre-nups are particularly popular where there is a big disparity in the wealth and/or income of the couple, but also for situations such as second marriages, especially where there are children from a previous marriage. The terms must be carefully drafted, so they are fair while providing the certainty you need.

Our family lawyers can advise on whether a pre-nup is suitable for your situation, assist with negotiating and drafting the agreement, and provide independent advice on a pre-nuptial agreement you have been asked to sign. We can also advise on the applicability of a pre-nup during divorce.

Learn more about our expertise with pre-nuptial agreements.

Post-nuptial agreements

Post-nuptial agreements (or ‘post-nups’) are essentially the same as pre-nups, but can be made after you are already married. They are typically used if you did not make a pre-nuptial agreement or if you did, but your circumstances have now changed, meaning the existing agreement is no longer suitable.

Our family solicitors can advise you on whether a post-nuptial agreement is worth considering, help to agree the terms and draft the document, and review an agreement for you before signing.


A common mistake many cohabiting couples make is failing to realise that they have no legal rights towards each other’s property. This remains true no matter how many years you have lived together and even if you have children. Sadly, it is all too common for people to be left in financial hardship following a separation as a result.

Our family lawyers can help you with making a cohabitation agreement that sets out your rights with regard to each other’s assets, so you have certainty over what each person’s rights and obligations are. This can give you peace of mind, prevent future financial difficulties and minimise the risk of contentious disputes if you were one day to separate.


Few people are keen to go to court when dealing with a family law matter, with the cost, time and stress involved all being typical concerns. Fortunately, most disputes around family law issues can be resolved amicably without court proceedings through alternative dispute resolution methods. Mediation is by far the most commonly used approach to achieve this.

Our family law solicitors are experts in the use of mediation. We can advise clients on their rights before entering into mediation, so they know what their negotiating position should be. We can alsoo review any agreement made through mediation to ensure it is fair, then apply to a court for a Consent Order to make the agreement legally binding.

Learn more about our expertise with mediation.

Collaborative law

Collaborative law offers an alternative to court proceedings that is ideal where there are more complex matters to resolve, such as the division of high value financial assets. The process involves the separating couple and their respective lawyers sitting down for a series of four-way ‘round the table’ meetings to negotiate the settlement terms.

Our family law experts include a number of trained collaborative lawyers who can offer this approach. This makes us ideally suited for clients who want the reassurance of their lawyer in the room with them during negotiations.

Our family law fees

Our solicitors dealing with family law offer flexible fee structures to suit our clients, which we will be happy to discuss when you contact us.

Contact our Family Law Solicitors in Farnham, Reading & Wokingham

Our proactive and down-to-earth team of highly experienced family law solicitors work from offices in Farnham, Reading and Wokingham. We help clients from all over Berkshire, as well as Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey.

Speak to one of our team today by calling 0118 978 0099 or using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will respond quickly.

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