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Due to the complexity of employment law, a workplace issue may not be easy to resolve. These matters can often be dealt with amicably at an early stage with the right expert support, but sometimes it may be necessary to take matters to a tribunal. Our employment tribunal solicitors have the expertise to get you the best outcome, no matter the situation.

We want to make dealing with employment disputes easier for employees, while never compromising on getting you the result you need. Problems at work can affect not only your current employment, but also your whole career, so the right approach is essential.

When you speak to our Employment Law team, we will listen carefully, asking all the right questions to fully understand what you are facing. We can then provide clear, expert advice on your rights and what you need to do. You will have close support through every stage of dealing with an employment dispute, protecting your rights and your wellbeing.

No matter how challenging the situation you are facing, we can empower you to act with confidence and make sure you do not have to accept unfair treatment at work.

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Why trust Clifton Ingram with your employment tribunal claim?

  • One of the leading Employment Law teams in the Thames Valley and M3 Corridor
  • Ranked in respected client guide the Legal 500 for Employment Law, recognising us as some of the best employment law solicitors in the region
  • Head of Employment Alison Gair is a member of the respected Employment Lawyers Association (ELA)
  • Decades of experience with employment tribunal cases, supporting employees through tribunal claims and alternative approaches to workplace disputes
  • Experts in constructive negotiation and alternative dispute resolution, meaning we can often achieve a favourable outcome outside of a tribunal
  • Ready to take immediate, firm action to protect your interests when needed
  • A service tailored to your needs

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Our employment tribunal services include:

Contact our employment tribunal solicitors in Farnham, Reading & Wokingham

Our proactive and down-to-earth team of highly experienced employment tribunal solicitors work from offices in Farnham, Reading and Wokingham. We work with clients from all over Berkshire, as well as Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and further afield.

If you wish to make an employment tribunal claim, please speak to one of our team today by calling 0118 978 0099 or use the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will respond quickly.

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Advice on your employment rights

Given the nature of employment relationships, an issue arising with your employer may happen at some point in your career. Issues can arise in connection with a whole range of matters at work and it may not always be obvious whether you have grounds for a complaint.

For example, you may feel you have earned commission, but your employer is refusing to pay you, you may feel you have been bullied by your manager, or your employer may not be recognising your statutory rights as a parent.

Furthermore, under UK law, any contract of employment contains what is known as the implied term of trust and confidence. Broadly this term requires an employer not to act unreasonably towards an employee so as to breach the trust and confidence which is essential to the relationship.

Our employment lawyers can provide fast, expert advice on whether you have grounds for raising a grievance with your employer. We can then talk you through your options for addressing the issue and support you in whatever action you choose to take.

Raising a grievance with your employer

It may be necessary, in the early stages of the matter, to raise the issue with your employer through a grievance procedure. Failure to do so can affect the outcome of your claim, so it is important to follow the right process and raise the matter in the right way.

Our employment team is on hand to advise you where you stand in your dispute and how to progress your grievance in the most effective way. We can help you to gather the necessary evidence to support your grievance, know what you need to say and make sure everything is properly documented.

Our team can significantly increase your chances of achieving a positive outcome at an early stage, as well as make sure that your position is as strong as possible should further action be required.

Acas early conciliation

When you wish to make an employment tribunal claim, you will first need to inform the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas). They will offer the option of resolving the dispute informally through a process known as ‘early conciliation’. This involves Acas acting as intermediaries between you and your employer to seek an amicable resolution to a dispute.

Acas early conciliation is free, confidential and can mean you get a favourable outcome much faster.

Our team can advise you on early conciliation and support you in working with Acas. By making sure your side of the story is clearly set out with all necessary supporting evidence, we can give you the best chance of getting a positive outcome at this stage.

Advice on Settlement Agreements

At any stage of an employment dispute, your employer may offer you a Settlement Agreement (formerly known as a ‘compromise agreement’). This means you will sign a legal agreement saying that you will not take the matter to a tribunal, normally in exchange for a one-off payment.

A Settlement Agreement can often be a good way to resolve a dispute, giving you a positive outcome without the need to go through tribunal or court proceedings. Before signing an agreement, you must have it reviewed by an appropriate expert, such as a solicitor. This is a legal requirement for the agreement to be valid, as well as helping to ensure you are getting the best settlement possible.

Employment tribunal claims

Ultimately, if it is not possible to resolve your issue by agreement, you have the option of pursuing it further through a Employment Tribunal or depending on the claim, Court. Taking an employer to a tribunal can be a daunting prospect, but our team can be by your side every step of the way, ensuring your claim is as strong as possible while giving you close personal support.

Our tribunal solicitors in Farnham, Reading and Wokingham can assist with preparing your case, making sure your position is clearly evidenced and that you fully understand employment tribunal rules. We can also represent you in tribunal proceedings, setting out your case in a clear and concise way to maximise the chance of a successful outcome.

Employment tribunal law is a complex area, but please be assured, we have the expertise to guide you every step of the way through the employment tribunal process.

Employment tribunal appeals

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when taking a claim to a tribunal, and it is possible that you won’t get the outcome you were hoping for. This is not necessarily the end, however. Depending on the situation, it may be possible to take the matter to the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) for review. It is also important to recognise that, if your employer wishes, they can also appeal a tribunal decision to the EAT.

Our team are experienced with employment appeals, so can make sure you are prepared and that your case is as robust as possible. We will always be honest about your chances of success and will never encourage you to appeal a tribunal decision if we do not think there is a realistic prospect of success.

Our employment tribunal fees

Employment tribunal costs are an important factor to consider when thinking about making a claim. We offer flexible fee structures for our employment tribunal claims services, which we will be happy to discuss when you contact us. You can also read more about our employment tribunal pricing.

Contact our Employment Tribunal Solicitors in Farnham, Reading & Wokingham

Our proactive and down-to-earth team of highly experienced employment tribunal solicitors work from offices in Farnham, Reading and Wokingham. We work with clients from all over Berkshire, as well as Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Surrey and further afield.

For expert employment tribunal advice from our team, please call 0118 978 0099 or use the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will respond quickly.

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