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The contract of employment and workplace policies are the foundation of the employment relationship. They fix the terms and conditions of employment and the rules by which the employee must abide. Without these essentials an employer may find himself in a much weaker position if a dispute arises as he will not be able to point to a particular clause or rule to support his position.

Furthermore, he may also find it more difficult to protect his core business interests and confidential information against a departing employee who decides to take the best customers with him.

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Great care should therefore be taken to draw up a contract of employment and the relevant workplace policies to give optimum protection to the business.

There is a statutory requirement to provide a written statement of the “particulars” of employment to an employee within two months of his start date. This at the very least, must be complied with. However, Parliament is more concerned with the protection of employee’s rights and cares less for those of the employer. That is why we recommend full contracts. We can prepare employment contracts relevant to employees at all levels within your organisation to ensure you have the appropriate clauses and protection in place.

In addition, we can produce workplace policies ranging from equal opportunities and how employees should treat each other, to the use of your computer system and internet access. You will expect all employees to adhere to certain standards of behaviour but without the specific policies to rely on you may find it very hard to enforce them.

Finally, we can produce your disciplinary and grievance procedures. The former will ensure that you follow a fair procedure when proposing to take disciplinary action, especially dismissal. A grievance procedure is the one which both employee and employer must follow in order to address issues raised by an employee fairly. Employment Tribunals attach considerable importance to these procedures and the need to follow them fully in all cases. There are serious implications for failing to do so.

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