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Writing a Will may not seem like an immediate priority in your life, but it is such an important thing to get done. Without one in place at the time of your passing, the distribution of your finances, real estate, and belongings may be decided by the law rather than your own wishes. At Clifton Ingram, our team of Wills solicitors is here to guide you at each step — doing the best to ensure those wishes are fulfilled.

When it comes to advice on writing a Will, our Wills solicitors in Wokingham are here to help organise your estate in a way that protects assets for the future, provides for loved ones, and keeps the tax burden to a minimum. We offer technical expertise with a practical, sensible and compassionate approach.

We understand the subject may be difficult to discuss. As experienced solicitors that deal with Wills, we pride ourselves on client service and being within easy reach for advice on writing a Will. Whether you are looking for advice on Wills, or a personal representative of an estate, our team is ready to support you.

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Our Wills services in Wokingham

Why is it important to write a Will?

A Will serves to outline how you would like your possessions and property to be distributed after your passing. It is likely to be the most significant legal document you will ever sign.

A well-drafted Will can ensure that assets are distributed as you wish, minimising the financial burden on those you leave behind, while at the same time reducing the risk of family disputes. This is especially important during an emotionally challenging time. Expressing your funeral wishes within your Will may not be binding, but it will provide a clearer vision of your preferences.

There are further advantages to writing a Will. For instance, it allows you to take proactive steps in reducing Inheritance Tax. Doing so may increase the value of what your loved ones receive. Creating a trust through a Will is a way of controlling how assets are inherited or used. This is particularly beneficial for safeguarding funds for children and other vulnerable family members. Making a Will is a means to provide for unmarried partners and stepchildren who might not be eligible to inherit. It allows you to designate guardians for your children, ensuring their well-being in the unfortunate event of your early passing.

How do I make a Will?

With the assistance of Wills writing solicitors, the process of making a Will can be quite straightforward. As a general guide to writing a Will, the steps usually involve:

  • Gathering Information: Compile a comprehensive inventory of your assets, beneficiaries, and directives. This will form the basis for the content of the Will.
  • Choosing Executors: Carefully designate reliable individuals who will carry out your outlined wishes and ensure your intentions are faithfully executed.
  • Drafting the Will: We can assist in producing the document as part of our Will writing service, accurate and in keeping with up to date law on Wills.
  • Witnesses: Two independent witnesses need to be present during signing. Solicitors that deal with Wills can serve this role.
  • Signing: With your own signature and those of the witnesses in place, the Will becomes legally valid.

After your Will has been signed, we will provide a copy and store the original securely.

Finally, periodic review is really important. Remember that you can update your Will whenever circumstances change. This ensures the Will consistently reflects your intentions and wishes, maintaining relevance over time.

What is an Executor?

The Executor is the person you choose to carry out your final wishes and manage your estate after you pass away. When you create a Will, you will specify who you wish to fulfil this role. It is important to elect someone you trust and who is capable of handling the responsibilities involved. They handle tasks like distributing assets, settling debts, and ensuring your instructions are followed.

In many cases, an Executor will choose to instruct a legal professional to help with the estate administration, as doing this alone can be a challenge, especially during times of bereavement. If no Executor is named, or if the named executor is unable, the court may instead appoint an Administrator to manage the estate.

What is ‘Grant of Probate’?

Probate is a legal process that validates and administers a person's Will after they pass away, ensuring assets are distributed according to their wishes and settling any debts or taxes. The Grant of Probate is a legal document that gives the Executor of the Will the authority to manage the affairs of the deceased. They can then act to collect and distribute the estate to those beneficiaries named in the Will.

What are ‘Trusts’?

Trusts serve as legal tools to oversee how assets are inherited or used, offering a way to set aside funds for specific purposes. Within a trust, a designated person (trustee) manages assets for the advantage of others (beneficiaries), following directives outlined in a trust document. This mechanism grants control over asset distribution, and its purposes encompass safeguarding money for children or vulnerable loved ones, as well as setting when beneficiaries can access those assets.

How is the cost of writing a Will?

The cost of writing a Will can vary based on certain factors, but on the whole, basic Wills tend to be affordable. More complicated estates or cases involving further legal advice required may differ. We invite you to reach out to us for more information on fees.

Why choose Clifton Ingram family solicitors?

Our priority is to ensure that your Will fully and accurately articulates your wishes. With Clifton Ingram, you are choosing a trusted partner dedicated to securing your legacy with the utmost professionalism and care. We take care to consider the unique dynamics of each case, the estate planning objectives, and the assets at stake.

We strive to make the process of writing a Will as straightforward as possible, so that you can understand each step without unnecessary fuss. We pride ourselves on clear communication without the legal jargon, offering guidance and tips for writing a Will as required.

Whether by phone, email, or in-person at our local offices, we are here to support our clients.

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