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Universal Wealth Preservation – How we can help

Universal Wealth Preservation – How we can help

Universal Wealth Preservation, an unregulated company which dealt with Wills, Trusts and asset protection has ceased trading.

Universal Wealth Preservation has left many of its clients, who had transferred the ownership of their property and savings into trusts set up and managed by the company, very concerned about how they can access their money and/or sell their homes.

Clifton Ingram is acting for a number of people in relation to Universal Wealth Preservation. If you have Wills or Trusts or other arrangements in place with Universal Wealth Preservation and need advice, please contact us on 0118 978 0099.

How we can help

  • As we already act for a number of Universal Wealth Preservation ex-clients we are very familiar with the types of products they set up, so can quickly assess your options and give you advice on next steps, including the tax implications of retaining the trusts or winding them up.
  • We can check and update/replace any arrangements that may have been created by Universal wealth such as Trusts, Wills, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Property Titles, ensure they reflect your current wishes, and where appropriate, are registered correctly.
  • If required, we can make an application to the courts on your behalf to replace Universal Wealth Preservation and/or their associated companies and individuals as trustees.
  • In situations where someone has passed away we can work on your behalf with the Probate Registry and in administering an estate affected by Universal Wealth Preservation.

If you have a BBC account you can listen to Peter McGeown on BBC Radio 4's Money Box Programme talking about Trusts with Universal Wealth Preservation here.

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