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Supporting Art in the Local Community

Supporting Art in the Local Community

Clifton Ingram has been a long-time supporter of the local arts, and currently sponsors the Wokingham Arts Trail and The Arts Society Wokingham. We have decided to feature local artists in our offices to showcase their talent. As well as providing a more enriched and aesthetically pleasing environment for our clients, art in offices can increase wellbeing, lower stress and boost productivity, all of which are beneficial for our staff.

This particular art work is by Nina O'Connell, a local artist based in Caversham. With a Fine Art Degree from Reading, Nina went on to become an Illustrator of childrens books and natural history. Later a career in Art Therapy followed. Nina now concentrates on contemporary, experimental Batiks and Oil paintings of her favourite walking places, where the emphasis is on the shifting light on nature's colours throughout the seasons, especially when reflected in water.

This contemporary, abstract Batik called 'Emergent Light' is inspired by the Batik method itself which always lends an air of mystery to the end result. Nina’s intention is to create an image that resonates deeply with the viewer and moves them to feel something. Nina has used a technique called Batik which originates from Indonesia. It can be used on fine cotton, silk or paper. Hot wax is used to resist the potent dyes. Traditionally the wax is applied with a tjanting, a tool with a copper bowl to retain the heat and a fine spout with which to draw with the wax on the chosen surface. Nina says “It is a very exciting art form, very open to experimentation and accident which I use and often integrate into the image.” You can see more of Nina's work at her website

If you would like to submit art to be displayed in Clifton Ingram's Reading or Wokingham offices please email with an image or link to the art work. We plan to rotate the art to give as many artists as possible a platform for their work and will be in touch when we refresh in early 2019.

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