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Over 100 SME’s Gather at Event

Over 100 business owners and entrepreneurs gathered at an event for SME’s hosted by Clifton Ingram Solicitors, Lloyds Bank and Wokingham Borough Council in February 2015.

Entitled ‘Helping SME’s Realise their Ambitions’ the event brought together a panel of experts talking about business growth – how to foster in it, how to harness it and how to understand it.

The speakers included:

  • The Rt Hon John Redwood - MP for Wokingham
  • Tim Smith, Chief Executive Thames Valley Berkshire LEP
  • Sue Elliott, Director, Vital Six
  • Rhys Herbert, International Macroeconomist Lloyds Bank
  • Graeme Batstone, SME Financial Markets Lloyds Bank
  • Jonathan Davis, Chairman, Clifton Ingram LLP Solicitors

The presentations focused on the importance of SMEs planning for growth through accessing finance, understanding the risks and opportunities of growth, gaining an insight into the economy and the political perspective. The event was also a great opportunity to network with other local businesses and professionals.

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