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Family Mediation Week: The Benefits of Family Mediation

Family Mediation Week runs from Monday 22 – Friday 26 January and is an opportunity to raise awareness about family mediation, and the huge benefits it can bring to separating families.

Few people are keen to go to court when dealing with a family law matter, with the cost, time and stress involved all being typical concerns. Fortunately, most disputes around family law issues can be resolved amicably without court proceedings through alternative dispute resolution methods. Mediation is by far the most commonly used approach to achieve this.

As members of Resolution our family lawyers are committed to working with clients to resolve issues in a constructive way. We believe that the process of separating, sorting out arrangements for children and finances can and should be done in a way that minimises conflict and keeps children’s interests at the heart of all outcomes. Mediation is hugely important to achieving this.

There are many benefits to the mediation process including:

  • The environment – mediation takes place outside of court, in an informal environment that is far more comfortable. This can make discussions less stressful for all and helps promote an amicable approach.
  • It can preserve relationships – court can be a difficult experience for everyone involved and can have a lasting negative impact on relationships. Discussions had in a non-confrontational way through mediation can go a long way toward retaining a level of amicability that will help co-parents to move forward.
  • Increased flexibility – mediation allows space for parents to decide what is best for their children together and to establish what works best for everyone. In a court a Judge would ultimately decide the outcome.
  • Faster results - court proceedings can be drawn out over an extremely long period, depending on the complexity and contentiousness of the case. Mediation is often proven to be far more time-efficient, delivering swifter results in a more comfortable setting.

Our family law solicitors are experts in the use of mediation. We can advise clients on their rights before entering mediation in the first place. This is important, so that they know what their negotiating position should be. We can also review any agreement made through mediation to ensure it is fair, then apply to a court for a Consent Order to make the agreement legally binding.

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