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Will Drafting and Reviews

Most people still do not have a Will. This means their estates will be dealt with under the Intestacy Rules. These rules allow for only basic family arrangements and in many cases may lead to your estate being distributed amongst members of your extended family, whom you may not have wanted to benefit and in some cases may not have even met, rather than the people you might have wanted to benefit (or whom you may have believed would benefit).

By completing a Will you can prevent the intestacy rules applying to your estate and can ensure that those whom you want to benefit from your estate actually do. Will drafting also enables you to include friends and charities in your Will, which the intestacy provision would not.

When drafting a Will you are able to improve the tax efficiency of your estate and deal with appointments such as Executors/Trustees, and guardians and the inclusion of details such as funeral requirements if required.

However drafting a Will does not stop there, for example, it is important to review your Will on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to reflect your wishes. An out of date Will can sometimes be as damaging to those you leave behind as the intestacy provisions could be.

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Peter McGeown
Head of Tax Planning, Wills & Probate
Peter McGeown

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Stephanie Rose
Partner, Tax Planning, Wills & Probate
Stephanie Rose

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