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Employment Issues & Tribunal Claims

Given the nature of employment relationships, an issue arising with your employer may happen at some point in your career. Issues can arise in connection with a whole range of matters at work.

For example, you may feel you have earned commission but your employer is refusing to pay you, you may feel you have been bullied by your manager or your employer may not be recognising your statutory rights as a parent.

Furthermore, under UK law any contract of employment contains what is known as the implied term of trust and confidence. Broadly this term requires an employer not to act unreasonably towards an employee so as to breach the trust and confidence which is essential to the relationship.

Due to the complexity of employment law, a workplace issue may not be easy to resolve. Also, it is necessary in the early stages of the matter to raise the issue with your employer through a grievance procedure and the failure to do so can affect the outcome of your claim.

Our employment team is on hand to advise you where you stand in your dispute and how to progress your grievance in the most effective way.

Ultimately, if it is not possible to resolve your issue by agreement you always have the option of pursuing it further through a Court or Employment Tribunal. Again, we can represent you in such proceedings and set out your case in a clear and concise way to maximise the chance of a successful outcome.

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Alison Gair

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Snr Associate Employment & Dispute Res
Robert Cherry

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