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Before you start Court proceedings over property or arrangements for children you are required to attend a Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting “MIAM” (you may be exempt from a MIAM if you are the victim of domestic violence or your case involves bankruptcy).

At such a meeting the mediator will assess if mediation can help you to reach an agreement. During the meeting couples are able to find out more about mediation and ask any questions that they may have for the mediator. Individuals can attend the “MIAM” alone or with their partner. If you meet the mediator alone, the mediator will ask if they may contact the other party. If the mediator ascertains that the partner does not wish to mediate, then mediation will not go ahead.

Clifton Ingram runs a specialist  and comprehensive lawyer mediation service, tailored specifically to meet your needs.

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Anne Deller
Partner, Family Law
anne deller

Partner, Family Law Anne has specialised in divorce and family law for nearly 20 years. She represents clients in complex children cases,... read more »

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Kate Grant
Partner, Family Law
Kate Grant

Partner, Family Law Kate has over 20 years experience in divorce law and specialises in a wide range of family law... read more »

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