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Domestic Abuse

We offer all the help and legal advice you will need if you are faced with domestic violence or abuse.

We can help with problems ranging from threats to actual violence.

  • We can give you information about the legal protection available to you if you are being subjected to violence or harassment
  • We can represent you in any court proceedings
  • We can advise you on safeguarding the welfare of your children as well as your own safety

We have specialist expertise in this area of law and will act quickly and confidentially to find a swift resolution to your domestic abuse situation.

Main Contacts

Anne Deller
Partner, Family Law
anne deller

Partner, Family Law Anne has specialised in divorce and family law for nearly 20 years. She represents clients in complex children cases,... read more »

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Kate Grant
Partner, Family Law
Kate Grant

Partner, Family Law Kate has over 20 years experience in divorce law and specialises in a wide range of family law... read more »

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