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Professional Negligence

Gone are the days when the professions clubbed together to protect each other against claims by outsiders. Professionals are human and fallible like anyone else, and the consequences of negligence by them can have profound effects on businesses.

The regulatory bodies of all professionals require them to have insurance, so whether they can pay for the consequences of their negligence is not usually an issue. The law imposes a heavy burden on professionals, because of the training they receive and therefore the standards they work to. As with any negligence claim, there are particular matters to consider which have a bearing on whether the professional is liable, and if so the extent of the loss he must compensate.

We have much experience in identifying whether there is negligence, and then in considering such issues as causation (did the negligence cause the loss claimed), forseeability (was the loss reasonably foreseeable, or was it just too remote), and dealing with the complexities of calculating the loss to claim.

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Managing Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution

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