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Personal Injury

Injuries can occur in a number of well defined situations: road traffic accidents, at work, on the public highway, someone else’s property, leisure activities, and more unusually, such as exposure to harmful substances like asbestos, side effects of drugs, repetitive strain, and sexual abuse. In each case it is necessary to establish that someone else is liable, and is able to pay compensation.

Liability might arise because of the breach of some statutory obligation, which is often the case with accidents at work, or because there has been negligence, which invariably is the basis of accident claims, or because of vicarious liability, where an innocent employer is held responsible for the acts of his employees.There are other matters to consider such as whether the injury was foreseeable, and whether the effects are too far removed from the accident.

We have many years’ experience acting for claimants either under ‘no win no fee’ agreements or a legal expense insurance policy.

We also specialise in acting for the victims of sexual abuse, and the long term effects it can have on the victim’s life.

There are strict time limits so if you believe your injury is some else’s responsibility take immediate action to ask us whether you have a claim.

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Robert Cherry

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