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Neighbour disputes

Disputes between neighbours are particularly difficult, as they still live next to each other after it has been resolved, and emotions always run high.

“An Englishman’s home is his castle” is taken to heart by many, and years of wrangling with neighbours have been known to take place over a few inches of land. Neighbours also fall out over trees, noise, the height of hedges and so on.

The law in boundary cases is rarely straightforward, because old plans, and Land Registry plans are often of little help to determine where they are. Inevitably there is the need to involve expert surveyors, who will look for any sign of where the boundaries were historically.

We have years of experience acting for clients and helping them resolve differences over boundaries, hedges, rights of way etc as quickly as possible, often involving mediation to avoid the uncertainty and cost of a court trial.

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Managing Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution

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