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Contractual Disputes

Commercial contracts come in all shapes and sizes. Some involve goods, some services. In every case the terms of the contract need to be carefully examined and interpreted.

The law might imply terms, and it restricts the operation of some exclusion clauses between businesses to what is reasonable. If you are a business dealing with consumers, you may not be able to exclude any implied terms. You also need to consider the ability to insure against breaches.

We act in all types of contractual claims, including those relating to the construction and engineering industry, commercial contracts, sale of goods and provision of services.

Construction and engineering

In the construction world, which spans anything from the installation of a new kitchen to the building of the Olympic site, disputes readily arise, and quick effective solutions are needed, together with an understanding of the issues from a technical perspective. Whether adjudication or arbitration is needed, a fast appraisal of what is often a large amount of documentation is called for.

The terms of the contract are the starting point, and in domestic situations it is often verbal, which creates its own problems. In bigger disputes it is necessary to establish who amongst the contractor, sub-contractor, architect and engineer is responsible for the owner’s loss.

We have the expertise and experience to help resolve all disputes in this area, and to do so as cost effectively as possible, because inevitably they can be document and time heavy, and therefore expensive to conclude.

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Managing Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution

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