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Partnership & Shareholder Disputes

Anyone setting up in business with other people, or joining an existing business, should consider how any future disputes with colleagues may be resolved and in the worst case, how a business can be brought to an end with the minimum amount of pain and lingering animosity.

Where there are partnership or shareholder agreements already in place these should set out procedures to follow which provide an established framework within which disputes can be dealt with.

We can provide advice on the proper application of such procedures and can even provide a mediation service to act between business colleagues in order to settle disputes and hopefully avoid recourse to the courts.

Where there are no partnership or shareholder agreements or there are simply no prospects of a negotiated settlement then our clients can rely on our experience in all forms of relevant legal proceedings.


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Jonathan Davis
Managing Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution

Managing Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution Jonathan has over 40 years’ experience advising on a wide range of commercial,... read more »

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