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Shareholder & Partnership Agreements

Unforeseen changes of circumstances, such as the untimely death of a majority shareholder or a partner, a divorce, irreconcilable differences between shareholders/partners about how the business is to be run, or even an offer by a trade competitor to purchase the business, can cause differences of opinion between shareholders/partners.

If there is no Shareholder Agreement or Partnership Agreement, which sets out how these matters are to be dealt with, it can be difficult to resolve these issues in a fair and reasonable manner which is acceptable to all those who have a stake in the business.

If unexpected events arise, or if there is a difference in management “philosophy”, serious disputes can occur between the owners and managers of the business which take a considerable amount of management time and legal expense to resolve before all parties can move forward along their separate paths.

We can advise you on how best to provide for a transfer of shares or transfer of partnership interests under such circumstances. A Partnership Agreement or Shareholders Agreement will give you a safety net which will give you an agreed basis on which to settle matters should these problems arise in your business.

We have wide experience in drawing up Shareholders Agreements and Partnership Agreements for every sort of business structure and we are able to advise you on your potential risks depending on the circumstances of your particular business.

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