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Business Start-ups

If you are setting up in business alone, you may carry on your business as a sole trader, or through a limited liability company. If you are in business with others, you can operate the business through a traditional partnership, a limited liability partnership or a limited liability company.

We can advise you on the pros and cons of the choice of business medium as these apply to your particular circumstances. We can consider with you the importance which you place on limiting your liability for claims made against you by business creditors, the publicity of those owning and managing the business and its financial affairs, the commercial advantages to you of using a separate corporate entity to own the business assets.

If you decide to incorporate your business, we can help you form a company and can advise you on the issue of shares, the drawing up of the constitution of the company and the appointment of its directors and any other officers.

We have an experienced team who can assist you with all these aspects, so that you choose what is best for you and your business.

Main Contacts

Barry Niven
Partner Corporate and Insolvency
Barry Niven

Partner Corporate and Insolvency Corporate Services Barry advises clients on acquisitions and disposals, MBO’s and MBI’s, corporate finance, joint ventures, shareholder... read more »

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Joel Molloy
Corporate Services Solicitor
Joel Molloy B&W1

Corporate Services Solicitor Joel advises on a wide variety of company and commercial matters including business and share sales and... read more »

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